Project Work Preparation

In this program we encourage 3rd/4th year Mechanical Engineering Students to assist/associate/work with Guide in project work preparation. It is very much helpful to them during the submission of project report at the time of partial fullfillment of the requirement for the award of degree.  

During this program we teach them about the following:

♦ How to select Title ?

♦ Essential inclusions like Certificate and Acknowledgements.

♦ How to write abstract ?

♦ How to write Introduction ?

♦ Brief description regarding the area in which the project is being performed.

♦ Brief description about machinery, equipment and its accessories.

♦ Detailed description of specific equipment or machine used during the project.

♦ Description about the problem to be optimized.

♦ Description about the technique applied for optimization in Case Study. 

♦ Case Study and Results.

♦ Conclusions.

♦ Appendix.

♦ References.


Time Required for the Project Work to be done: 3 months.


Guidance charges may apply and we charge  nominal fee.  


Early Bird Promotional Discounts are available ! 

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