Web Development 

 Whatever you learn, have a

strong foundation

inorder to have  a comfortable journey in

your career. 

In this program we encourage the students to work in the areas of Web Designing using Word Press. We provide them an opportunity to design and  host their own website till the end of the Internship Program. They will also be allowed to associate with the trainer during the Web Designing Program.


During this program we will teach them various activities like :

→  Creating Web Pages.

→ Creating Menus.

→ Adding various Widgets.

→ Creation of a Blog.

→ Content Management.

→ Creating Buttons.

→ Creating links.

→ Connecting Social Media.

→ Forms and Tables 

→ Many more to go. 

The minimum period for this program is 21 days i.e. 3 weeks and maximum period is 3 months. 

We charge nominal fee for this program. 

If anyone is interested in working on a specific domain, extra charges may apply. The students will be properly guided and assisted by our beloved trainer.  

Students might be given a chance to work professionally on our firm's websites. A professional touch is always a must for an Intern.