What is CNC Programming?

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CNC Programming is the procedure by which the sequence of operations to be performed on CNC Machines for manufacturing a part. Preparation of CNC Programming involves three phases, which are setup phase, metal removal phase and system shutdown phase.  Each phase has got its own     importance. Every phase of CNC Programming is constructed with different blocks. Each block contains words with special symbols, numbers, letters, G-Codes, M-codes and Cartesian coordinates(x, y, z) and their values depending on the   part drawing,   part material, available   cutting tools, inserts and machine controller. Each block is separated by end of block symbol.

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CNC programming manually suitable for non complex / simple shapes. It begins with careful study of part drawing. Manual programming method       involves calculations of coordinates of   various   points of tool path of a profile. Other advanced programming techniques like

R-parameters, Blue Print Programming are    incorporated with in CNC machine controllers by machine tool manufacturer. These advanced techniques are much useful for   repetitive shapes with variable dimensions.



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